What Our Families Are Saying

Jim, Lori, and Dani S.

“We became associated with On Angel’s Wings shortly after they began operation.  We have found that the people who run On Angel’s Wings are very honest and caring people, who not only hold a special place in their hearts for People With Special Needs but also for their families. They make sure the parents and providers are equipped with the necessary information and training that is needed to assist people with Special Needs and to comply with other needed regulations. Enough can’t be said about On Angle’s Wings because they can never do enough for clients and their families. We have been a part of On Angel’s Wings for several years now and will continue to be part of them because no other agency can provide the personal service that they provide.”

Sharon L.

“I am glad for the opportunity to express my gratitude for the On Angel’s Wings Adult Day Program my brother Jimmy participates in.

Your program has enriched his life in so many ways, aside from the fact that he has a great time while he’s there; it also gives him a sense of purpose and independence. He is very proud to be part of On Angel’s Wings and often talks about how this is the best program he’s ever had. He has made many friends and for the first time in his life feels like he has a life all his own. Over the past three years or so I’ve watched his confidence and independence grow as well as seeing him develop new interests and hobbies he might not ever have done on his own.

This program has truly gone above and beyond for my brother and I can’t say enough about how much we appreciate it. My husband and I have very demanding schedules and when my mom passed on Jimmy came to Phoenix to live with us. Thanks to the staff and programs at On Angel’s Wings, Jimmy’s life is full and happy. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, compassion, and genuine interest in my brother’s well-being and quality of life. Warmest and kindest regards…”

Bridgett T.

“My daughter loves to go to On Angel’s Wings. She loves the daily events and has made lifelong friends.”

Linda C.

“My grandson has attended two other programs before coming to On Angel’s Wings. This is the most complete program we have seen. They support all the Special Olympics sports that he loves, do the regular trips out into the community for various activities, and have the social interactions that he loves. The staff is very knowledgeable and supportive, as well. We love On Angel’s Wings!”

Sheryl C.

“Rocky loves On Angel’s Wings. He considers going to the program as being part of his family. He has been given a purpose, respect, and love.”


“On Angel’s Wings is a great place for Kerry. He enjoys going and socializing with his friends and staff. He especially looks forward to the Friday night dances and bowling with his friends. On Angel’s Wings is a friendly, stimulating, safe environment that Kerry enjoys himself and misses if he is unable to attend.”

Linda L.

“When Hannah and I moved here to Arizona, I was very concerned about what resources were available for Hannah. Where she was helped in Dodge City, Kansas, was so nice! She had been there since she was just tiny. That kind of help and security was hard to leave, and I wanted the best for Hannah here.

Well, I feel God led me to the best here at On Angel’s Wings! It most definitely was His guidance that brought us here! I just had a knowing and a peace when we visited there and checked things out.

I have been pleased with the program, the care, the sensitivity, the leadership, and the love and concern that is being given, not only to and for the clients, but for their family members as well. I feel they try to work as a team, and that they are very careful to watch and listen to be sure all is going well, and that the employees are conducting themselves in the best and most positive way possible.

I can go on and on about so much I like, but this will give you an idea of how very grateful I am for God to have led us to OAW, and how very pleased I am with the outcome of our choosing. I thank all of you and I appreciate you so much! God’s Love & Blessings.”

Mike, Sherry, and Cory M.

“We have three great kids. Our youngest son, Cory, has Down Syndrome, O.C.D, and mood disorder. During his high school years he was pretty active and motivated but as time progresses, and he gets older, his motivation, energy, focus, and everyday situations become more challenging. When we first moved to Arizona in 2000, I began searching for suitable programs and activities to keep Cory involved and interested. We knew that if he was not challenged in positive ways that he would vegetate and do nothing.

We were lucky enough to have the owner as our support coordinator when we first arrived here and when we found out she was developing this wonderful DTA program, we knew we wanted to be part of it. We went to the opening day “open house” and Cory said, “Mom, I want to come to Dawn’s store.” I believe he was their first client and has been there ever since.

Cory needs to be kept busy and focused. He gets that and more from On Angel’s Wings. He enjoys interacting with all the clients and loves his staff. The many activities that they do have been both entertaining as well as educational. It’s so great to have him come home from an outing and see him excited about what he saw or did. He loves the special events that they do and the involvement in the Special Olympic programs that On Angel’s Wings participates in. The yearly Luau is one of his favorites. He always dresses up for the theme dance parties and special holiday events. He plans for days what he wants to wear or what he should bring on any given day.

They do a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat and all the families are invited. I think that is one of Cory’s favorite times there too.

The environment is always positive, the rooms are light and airy and always kept clean. There is always something going on for the clients to involve themselves in if they chose to or sometimes like Cory does, just kick back and look at a book or rest.

When anyone asks me what Cory does, I am proud to tell them that he attends a special Day Program that keeps him stimulated and productive. They usually say ‘Oh, what’s that?’ and I always say, ‘On Angel’s Wings. Here’s their card.'”